Midlife Crisis Or Is Time Running Out


When I was young there used to be a term bandied about for men in and around there 40s. The men were usually married and all of a sudden they would decide to buy a sports car, scooter, Large moto bike or start doing things that were not perceived to be of how they had been for the last few years. In situation comedies the men had usually been married for 20 years or so and had kids and to exaggerate it a bit more they would have them wearing clothes from the decades they were teenagers.

Crisis or time running out
Crisis or time running out

Here is my take on things, having hit the big 5 & 0 in Feb of this year and after having time to think about the next half of my life (or next 70 years), I came to the realisation that time is running out for me and pretty fast. I am dying, we are all dying and to realise that and know your a long time dead scares the shit out of me.

Iv had the luxury of starting a family late in my 40s and there is not much I haven’t done in the world that I didn’t want to do. Drinking holidays with the lads, visits to every continent, women, fast cars and lots of things that would not be appropriate on a blog like this (I’ll save that for my memoirs), Let’s just say I’ve led a colourful existence and those that know, know.

It took several years for the single lifestyle to stop a bit like one of these giant tankers that take days to come to a halt when traveling across the world’s oceans.

Its, when you sit and think how fast the years have gone past and you can double the speed when kids come along. The speed also gets faster the older you are. If you can remember the six week holidays when you were at school they lasted for months or it seemed that way. Now it’s a Sunday 1 every 4 days and I’m sure there are 3 Christmases a year.

Large Tanker
Large Tanker

So the last 5 years in the back of my mind iv had an itch with questions popping into my head that needed answering. I played football all my life 2-3 times a week and was in an over 45s team that last few years, but with my knees continually swelled up from day to day and not being able to kneel down to do work I decided to quit, and I mean quit for good. No 5 aside, no kickabouts nada, nothing.

I was still going to the gym and still boxing each week so the fitness was not the issue. I needed to start working out what could I do to see me out. What is the answer? Well for me it came in the form of routine and continual learning. Most people really don’t know how lucky they are to be alive at this moment in time because there is a small thing we all have that can help you grow mentally, physically, spiritually, in fact, it has only been with us a relatively short time and it’s just the best thing since the wheel. You guessed it your Phone and access to the internet.

The gene in the bottle
The gene in the bottle

Ever since we were born we have been learning, we learn to see hear smell touch and taste. Then its eat, crawl, talk, walk, run. continually learning new things and somehow as we get older we stop. We stop for lots of reasons but one is we say we don’t have time.

We sleep a third of our lives and we say we don’t have time to learn. if we got up 1 hour earlier that is 7 hours a week extra. With that 7 hours, you could do something with the little gene you have in your pocket.

You could learn a new language with a free Duolingo app. You could buy an old instrument and learn to play with one of the many free teaching apps. You could even buy and sell items and make extra money. The list is endless, this little thing has opened up a huge world of opportunity to us all. It is the same as when boats were built which allowed counties to trade with each other. I can order a phone charger while laying in bed and it will arrive from China in a day or so. We have our own genes and soon it will be “ask and you shall receive”. Why do i say this? well technology has developed Alexa, with other large companies following suit. I can ask her to find a shower gel and then ask here to order it and it will be here in a day.

In 3-4 years we will be able to wake up and just tell the A I voice what we need. They will speak with us like a secretary and order things we need and make appointments and tell us the weather and what clothes to wear the list is endless.

There is no Mid Life Crisis! it is just the realisation that time is running out and there are still things we want and need to do. It is also the realisation that we need to change the way we are and that could be to start being nicer to people or wearing different things and buying items that maybe you were interested in back when you were younger but had to stop for various reasons.

There will be people that may mock you when you start something new but be patient and remember that learning is little and often, repetition, repetition, repetition, until the effect compounds and you get leverage. this works in everything you choose to do.

If you are not learning different things your life will lack meaning, we were born to learn and learning will give you satisfaction. pick up your Gene (phone) and find what you are interested in then find out how to do it for free. Don’t stand still and dwell on the past keep moving forward and find new things, interests and meet new people.

I hope this blog stikes a chord with at least 1 person if it does it was worth writing.

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2 comments on “Midlife Crisis Or Is Time Running Out


Really enjoyed reading this, and as someone very close to the big 5-0 I’m lucky that I’m married to a man who supports this very principal (he started a new business when he was 50), we’re both doing new courses for possible new careers/interests – people around me seem to be planning for retirement (death) and actually going the opposite way. Not us, I’ve got plenty of years left in me to keep learning – it’s when I feel most alive!!

    Simon Cooper Post author

    Great to hear you enjoyed it Claire and fantastic that you have identified what could be an issue in the later years. You’re on the right track keep moving forward.

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