Why Should We Pay For A Pre Purchase Damp & Timber Survey ?

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Thanks to the invention of the internet gone are the days when the consumer buys a product without some research into exactly what they are buying. Access to search engines via the mobile phone, tablets or laptops makes the information accessible in seconds. We can read reviews from techy people who have taken products to pieces surgically and tested every part. We have reviews from people who have used these products for months so we have a view of what it is like to own it for a while and the wear and tear over time. But when it comes to making the biggest purchase of our lives, a property, a large proportion of consumers are just relying on the valuation survey from the lender as a basis that the property is sound.

Buying Your New Property
Buying Your New Property

The general surveyor carrying out the valuation will be basically looking to see whether the property is worth the amount being borrowed on it, they will also have a damp meter but whether or not they can interpret the readings is pot luck. More often than not they will see the high reading and this will be enough for them to say there is a problem and  a further survey by a specialist is needed. They will however inform the bank and a retention will be placed on the amount to be borrowed by the purchaser.

Who is best to carry out the specialist survey ?

More and more these days the lender wants the surveys carried out by credible parties and as far as remedial works for dampness in buildings is concerned the Property Care Association (PCA) is the body that credible organisations recognise as having surveyors with the correct training & qualification to do the surveys and produce the reports in a professional manner.

My Plasterer says he does damp proofing why can’t he have a look and quote.

In the past and quite a few today estate agents who are after the sale to go through quickly normally would have a list of builders, plasterers and tradesmen that they regularly use who they could give the keys to and ask them to quote for the work. The cheapest quote would then be used as a basis of getting the retention back to the buyer quickly after work is complete. So the smaller the amount of work and the cheaper the quote benefitted 3 of the 4 parties in the short term. The tradesmen brought in by the estate agents to produce the quotes are not qualified to diagnose all forms of dampness within the property and what has happened in the past is a few years down the line the buyer of the property has damp issues and no course of redress. They will also think that the damp issues are new problems and the paying out begins to put the issues right.

Damp Issues can be hidden
Damp Issues can be hidden


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The average CSRT surveyor will have spent thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours on training and deal with all damp issues on a day to day basis, so the cost of the survey and peace of mind knowing what you are getting for your money is invaluable in the long term compared with the amount you are spending on the purchase.

Internal Damp Issues
Internal Damp Issues  

Give me an example of future damp issues

if you are buying the property in May the house may have been decorated to sell and there are no visible issues. You move into the property and things are fine all summer but then in october some black mould starts to appear on the walls and the chimney breasts have large yellow sweat patches appearing and you have no idea what is causing this. A damp & timber report would have highlighted that the bathroom had no extractor fan to get rid of moisture when it is produced. The kitchen cooker hood is only a filter and not vented externally and the chimney breasts have sulphate salts that absorb moisture and only show up and spoil decoration at times of high humidity.

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Local Estate Agent

This is a true storey about a friend of mine who was selling their property in Barnsley. They contacted us at All Dry Damp Proofing Ltd as the people buying their property had had a valuation survey and this had flagged up some issues on the chimney breast in the front room and a retention had been added to the amount to be borrowed. The local estate agent said he would pick three of his list of tradesmen to go round and quote on the work. They then noticed it said the survey had to be carried out by a PCA member and qualified surveyor. We were contacted and i said we can come but i will need to test the full property. They  were completely for this and wanted to know that they were selling a sound property to their prospective buyers. They handed the estate agent my details and he called and introduced himself to me. He asked when we were doing the survey and said would i only survey and quote on the area highlighted by the valuer which was the fireplace as the sale was near to completion, he then asked me to call him once i had done the survey and let him know what i was going to put in the report. The guy did not know i knew the sellers but what he wanted was to do the minimum so the sale would go through quicker and nothing else would be found that would put the sale at risk.

The survey was undertaken for the full property as our friend asked and paid for and was told what the estate agent had asked us to do. Rising damp was found in the kitchen and further walls in the living room. The freind selling the house took out the kitchen that weekend and the work was carried out quickly and the sale went through without a hitch. The estate agent was the manager of a large national franchise and we must say 95% of the ones we deal with on a day to day basis are professional and have integrity but they do need to recommend paid specialist damp & timber surveys for their clients as it is in their best interests in the long term.

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