PIV Unit, Must or must not have?

9 Reasons why our latest Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit is a must have item for any responsible landlord worth his salt.


Positive Input Ventilation Unit in situ  PIV Just what do you Get ?

1 Condensation

The most common cause of damp issues in any property is the condensation formed when exposed surfaces become cold enough to drop to the dew point temperature, ( this is when moisture starts to condense out of the atmosphere onto walls, windows, woodwork, carpets, furniture and certain types of material.

2 Tenants

Condensation problems are further exacerbated by inadequate heating and ventilation and every day activities like cooking, washing and drying clothes from every available ledge. This activity further increases humidity and understandably when condensation is most common in winter or (the condensation season) tenants avoid opening windows to help reduce the problem. Even if the tenants do open windows often the air outside is humid thus adding to the problems.

3 Black Mould

The results of condensation range from commonly seen ugly black mould, areas of spoiled bubbling paint work and wall coverings, clothes and furnishings, to infestations of house dust mite, bed bugs and viruses. It can also lead to serious Wet & Dry Rot attacks to timber which can be very expensive to resolve.

Further health issues can be aggravated if tenants have asthma and allergies and are exposed to Moulds, Fungal spores, Dust mites, bedbugs and viruses brought on by high humidity.

4  Burst pipes due to falls in temperature

In cold weather when the loft air temperature drops below 10 degrees the PIV unit automatically uses a cost-effective pulse heating system to warm the incoming air. The air then circulates around the property keeping the temperature above freezing. The unit has a number of speeds and settings for different size properties. The heat exchanger is ideal for any properties that have been left empty or are vacant for an amount of time.

5 Noise

The PIV Unit we use has a forward curved EC centrifugal fan and uses ultra low wattage technology so the fan can barely be herd with no motor noise across the entire speed range. Phase noise is also non-existent as a different operating principle is used.

6 Cost

Once the initial outlay for the unit has been met the PIV unit then requires very little power and can be wired into the upstairs lighting circuit, providing there is 2amps of spare power capacity on the circuit. 

using a 15 pence per kW/h unit as a guide the average cost without the heater would be in order of 3p per day increasing to 4p at speed P4. when the heater is working the cost may rise to 9p per day but this is only when the loft temp drops below 10 degrees.

7 Guarantee

The PIV unit we supply comes with a solid 5 year no quibble manufacturers  guarantee. The total number of hours in operation are also recorded and displayed by LEDs enabling verification that the system has been in continuous service since installation.

8 Radon Dispersion

Radon is a naturally occurring gas found in many regions of the UK and is the second highest cause of lung cancer after smoking. The action level for dispersing radon is presently 200 Bq/m3 and positive input ventilation (PIV) is an acknowledged method of successfully dispersing natural background levels of radon up to 700Bq/m3 reducing the requirement for other much more expensive solutions.

9 Peace of mind

Once the unit is in place and all other remedial work necessary have been carried out you won’t be getting the constant phone calls or high turn around of tenants due to mould and damp issues inside your property. you will have shown your a responsible landlord and have done all that is reasonably possible to keep the property fit to inhabit by using the latest up to date technology at your disposal.

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