Why Have a Sump Pump serviced in a Basement Conversion


Do You Know Why You Should Have a regular Service of your Sump Pump?

If you have a basement and it has been converted or should we put it another way, If you have a sump with a pump installed somewhere on your property, there is a chance that at some point water will come to bear on the structure and it may end up with water damage, and you may have to claim on your insurance.

Sheffield Sump & Double Pump we were called to service.
Sheffield Sump & Double Pump we were called to service.

If the sump pump and associated items like drainage channels, alarm with battery backup have not been serviced then this may affect any claim you have with your insurers.

A Flood
A Flood

What is involved in a Sump Pump Service?

So, a service needs to be carried out a minimum of every 12 months. If a system has just been installed in a property then the first service should be 3 months after installation.

When the date comes around for the service the customers would be contacted via email and informed the service is due. We send out an acceptance form which would need to be filled in and sent back along with the payment for the service. The cost will vary from company to company and areas of the country.

Once the appointment is booked in a Sump Pump Service Schedule is raised and the details partly filled in. This would include, The job reference, Site address, Customers name, inspection date, Who is undertaking the inspection, The number of sump pumps on site, and the sump pump location in the property.

Sump Pump Service Schedule
Sump Pump Service Schedule

What do the sections mean?

They are quite self-explanatory and easy to go through for the technician. The first section is the Drainage Channel, it asks to check the silt, limescale, accumulation and any other contaminants that may be present. This could be done by using an endoscope and putting it down the jetting points that should be present in a BS8102 compatible system. if the system does not comply this can be commented on the sheet in actions.

The 2nd section is the Sump Chamber, the procedure is the same as above.

In the 3rd section, we have the discharge pipes the pump’s float switch can be lifted to see if the pipes are running free and comment made in the actions section.

Section 4 is the Pump Mechanical where the pumps are unscrewed then lifted out to be inspected, the pumps are installed in a way that they should come out with enough cable so they can be worked on. Once finished the cable should be tie wrapped neatly to the top of the pump out of the way of the float arms. electrical connections should be checked with the non-return valve and the pumps wiped clean. Any comments made in the actions section.

Section 5 is where the battery backup is tested if there is one. there can be an SMS message system on some new systems so the people who get the warning text may need to be notified, as well as testing the alarm float switch.

Lastly is Section 6 testing the alarm float switch. When engaging the float switch of the alarm some models have to be engaged for a while before the alarm sounds (so don’t think it’s not working if it doesn’t come on straight away).

At the foot of the Schedule is the option for the next service to be 3,6 or 12 months and this would be gauged by actions on the sheet.

If there are no extra works to do the technician will ask the customer to sign and date the sheet and this is then taken back to be processed at the office. Once processed a copy is then emailed out to the customer who would need to store it with the rest of the paperwork for the basement like guarantee and either planning or building reg certificates.We have done a short video of a sump pump service on our youtube channel. You can click the link to see it Youtube sump pump service

What do you do next?

What you need to do now is to check your insurance regarding any sump pump and basement conversion you have. Don’t wait until after any damage has been done only for the loss adjuster to tell you that you are not covered. If we can help with your service or damp issues and you are in the Yorkshire area please contact us via our website. alldrydampproofing.com



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