The Top 9 Must Have Toys For Christmas 2018


Here is the top 9 Toys To Buy This Christmas According to Social Media.

Click the links to buy the toys iv done all the hard work for you, The descriptions are from a 52 year old handsome parent and not necessarily accurate and his views only.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego

No 1 Harry Potter Hoggwarts Great Hall £89.99 Lego.

So this is some lad wi glasses on who went to a school for wizards at the time of writing the box was £80.99 but closer to crimbo it gets the price may go up. From what I can gather you have to make it all yourself like with other lego and apparently kids and geeks love it. Its still hard and still kills when you tread on it with just your socks on but its the most popular its ever been and i cant see it going out of fashion in the future, a great investment as it can be sold on as a mixed lot in a bag on facebook market place or ebay.

No 2  L.O.L Surprise Under Wraps £14.99

This is a kids toy and figure play set. its pink and on amazons most wanted list and is very popular.  Ive just watched the advert and still none the wiser, its like a plastic figure that is in a kind of pod like off the early Star Trek with Will Shatner when they use to go invisible on the ship to get down to a planet.

There are lots of bits of plastic wrapped on the doll that the kids take off and reveal which character it is. Apparently there are 15 surprises inside. You could take the doll out on Christmas eve and give the kid a 16th & 17th  surprise to add more value to their toy when they find its not in there, then you give them the contents after they stop crying. Hence 2 extra surprises for free

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

No 3  Poopsie Surprise Unicorn £46.57

Ok, right, things have come a long way since i was a kid with Ka-knockers and from what i can gather unicorns, (even tho they don’t exist), are magical and every thing about them are lucky (even their steaming shite). This pack comes with a number of items all wrapped up in a kind of toilet roll (what else would it be)?

So you got all different named filthy unicorns like the rare Hollie Go Poopie & Manurelyn Monroe. You get food for it as well as spoons to feed them so they can produce the inevitable mess.

Other things include perfume like Chasmell No2 and Barf cups. So the shite is mixed up from various powders and water and there are also some sparkles to add a bit of glam to proceedings. The unicorn shite can come in lots of colours and unlike doggo it smells of flowers. There are 18 different piles of shit to collect and some other stuff.

So for your future dirty protester this is a must have, just remember if you don’t get your kid this they may try and do it with the real thing and Christmas day would never be the same again with grandma & grandad sat near the fire. Looking at Christmas pudding would turn your stomach.

Monopoly Fortnite Edition

No 4  Monopoly Fortnite Edition £21.99

I have an 11 year old Son who didn’t know this was coming out and who is a walking advert for all things Fortnite, when i told him there was a monopoly game out to buy when i picked him up at school he was shouting and screaming in the playground, and he said he wanted it.

The only thing I know about Fortnite is that a guy called ninja is the best player ever at it and he has just won a sports personality of the year Award at a prestigious sports event which tells us that EA sports are getting more popular. More people watch EA sports than all of the 4 major sports in America combined each week.

Monopoly is a great game for teaching kids about money and business.  Fortnite will bring this game to lots of kids who would never have know that a Chance was a forfeit card not a rapper.

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

No 5  Barbie Ultimate Kitchen £36.99

What can you say about Barbie, still looking good at her age although she has had some plastic surgery. You get a lot of stuff with the kitchen with things to mould different types of play doh into vegetables. The cooker makes noises that do sound like a cooker but im not sure there is a charcoal burnt setting. It doesn’t come with batteries so make sure you stock up before Christmas day. Just remember to sling the play doh once its mixed up because the only thing that will be realistic with be turnips and purple cabbage once the colours are mixed together.

Boxer The AI Robot

No 6  Boxer the AI Robot £46.99

Boxer is a Augmented Intelligent (AI) robot that looks a bit like an owl not a boxer. It links to your computer and does something with a ball that i cant quite make out what. They say it starts to develop a personality and is interactive so this could be 2018s Tamagotchi. It comes with a remote control but i suppose after a while it may not need this to work it. Once you get the hang you will be having it doing the homework in no time.

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations Super Slime Studio

No 7  Cra-Z-Slimy Creations Super Slime Studio £27.99

What can i say about Slime well there are actually 11 year old kids making £100,000.00 a year from doing youtube videos about making it. Kids just love it and this is basically a place where you can add ingredients to bottles mix it and then play with it. Designate an area in your house for them to play with this stuff and put in the rules that if you see one spec on anything other than the designated area the lot is getting thrown out. Thats the easy way of getting shut of it after they have stopped playing with it after a day.

Comes in different colours even Unicorn so could be doubled up with the Poopsie Surprise to make some shit.

Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand

No 8  Harry Potter Wizard Training Wand £24.99

Harry Spotters wand has been in the top 10 for the past few years and shows no signs of letting up. They now have 3 wands to choose from and it comes with a spell chart and thats whichery stuff not diction.

It really does work though you only have to buy the wand and your money disappears. Get this before the next lot of stuff comes out soon for the son of Harry Spotter.

L.O.L Surprise Pop-up Store

No 9  L.O.L Surprise Pop-up Store £36.97

Basically these are little dolls that are collected and the reason it is so expensive is, eeerr iv no idea our Izzy has a few that she doesn’t play with anymore.

Its 3 in 1 so its, 1 display where they will all sit exposed on a shelf for the next year collecting dust.2 Play, Obvs, where you can play with them. 3 Carry away so it turns into a kind of hand bag to carry away. So this is great marketing you can now do this for lots of things if you keep the packaging. There could be 3 in 1 food where you can carry, store and eat it but mark it up 1/3 because of the new wording.

On a serious note Izzy does like these and they are great for role play and only child’s.

That is your 9 from the list of 12 put out on social media. You can click on any link to buy these for the next month or so. Hope they are still available when you click through as these will be in demand.

If you enjoyed my alternative review then please pass it on to someone else, sharing is caring and we all care a lot.

Feliz navidad and a happy new year listeners from Damp Sam

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